What we do


Over 100,000 surveys a year, in 21 languages across 40 countries – Our wholly owned, secure, London based call centre dials internationally 24/7.

We make an effort to structure our interviewing teams to meet the specific needs of your projects. In doing so our teams become specialists in the sector. They understand your business objectives and importantly your respondents views by speaking their language.

The team are ISO approved and fully trained, fluent language speakers who undergo continual monitoring and appraisals. All calls are recorded and used to provide training to our teams to enable them to be successful and confident on the telephone.

Our projects are very varied in terms of sector coverage, interview length and topic. They include challenging recruitment to niche focus group for C-Suite business respondents and large ongoing Voice of Customer surveys.

We are operating on a secure and precise data collection platform using ConfirmIT, the industry leading software. It allows for a fully flexible data collection platform so that we can accommodate all respondent requests and switch between CATI and Web enabled surveys seamlessly.

Centralised data, centralised quality control and ongoing real-time reporting for you... The Rigour way.

Online, Mobile & SMS

We are the online data collection partner specialists having worked for a decade with “best in class” suppliers. We know the panels, we know their successes and as such we get the best from them enabling us collect hundreds of thousands of online surveys annually across the globe in multiple languages.

Data quality is rigourously monitored throughout the process and data that doesn’t meet our strict screening criteria is deleted on an ongoing basis. We centralise the control of the data collection on our platform to enable checking and to deliver a truly fast, cost effective and quality solution for our clients. Our in-house, experienced, programming team provide engaging surveys and bespoke solutions to give your participants the best user experience possible

Our surveys are fully customisable, fully optimised enabling them to be taken on desktop, tablets and mobile devices where appropriate.

For shorter, bulk volume surveys try our SMS solution – call us to find out more.

Face to Face Data Collection

Our network of accredited interviewers across the UK and abroad are all trained and monitored to the highest standards. We centralise the set-up, control and collection of our data and validate it in-house meticulously so that we can be confident that our clients are getting the best possible data. If we can’t validate the data, we don’t accept the data.

We know the markets, know the challenges in each market and understand how to overcome these to get the data our clients need. Data is collected in the appropriate method for the market but where possible we choose to use tablets and mobile devices to speed up the process of getting data and to enable extra data quality checks.

We interview everyone from retail store, exit shoppers to Farmers and interview everywhere from centralised halls to homes, shopping centres, trains and buses. We can always find the right solution for our clients.

Technology enabled Analysis & Reporting

Bespoke to you… the Rigour way.

We want you to have the best customer experience. To enable this we have invested heavily in our advanced reporting and analysis solutions which are enabled by the Confirmit data collection system.

Every client is different and therefore every solution is bespoke to you and customised in-house. The one thing you will have in common with other clients will be the guarantee that the data is stored safely in a portal incorporating a wide range of security features.

During fieldwork you may just need a regular update which will come via your project manager and real time reportal link or you may want a more advanced reporting and analysis using our instant analytics and dashboard solutions system. We have the technology to deliver data that is thorough, meticulous and precise to keep you up to speed with the progress.

When fieldwork is complete your data will come to you in the format you need it. From raw data in various forms, data tables to online reportal systems allowing fully flexible solutions that are right for your analysis needs.

We can also code, translate, chart and deliver in the format you need it. Just tell us what you need and the team will work to get it done allowing you to focus your time on the insights and interpretation.